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Gozo Package TEC

Experience diving on the sister island of Malta.

Beside the 3 wrecks, Gozo is surrounded by deep water close to land. With drop offs up to 110meters less than half a mile from land, it is perfect for deep training dives or for divers who want depth and enjoy the coral and marine life on the walls whilst returning back to the surface


Gozo Diving Package (Technical)
Duration 1 Day, 3 Days or 5 Days
Types of Diving Wreck, Reef, Cave
Dive Sites Cominoland and MV Karwela, Blue Hole & Azure Window, Ras-il Hobs (Middle Finger) and Reqqa Point
Max Depth 60m+
Included Boat Fees, staff, tea & coffee.-  equipment requirements should be arranged through a recognised & approved dive centre
 1 Day Trip3 Day Trip5 Day Trip
Number of Dives 2 6 10
Cost: €525.00 €1270.00 €1900.00
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About the Diving

When we head up to Gozo, we will take you to the first divesite of choice, usually the 3 Wrecks where we will either place a shot line in the water, moor up or drop the anchor close to the wreck, making it easy for divers to drop straight down onto the wreck. After that, we will head to one of the numerous bays that cover Gozo, where you can kick back and enjoy your surface interval.


Dive Site

(Recreational) Advanced Mgarr ix-xini, Xlendi Bay, Blue hole and Inland sea

Advanced with Deep, 3 Wrecks, Plus above

(Tecnical) all above plus, Raz Il-Hobz, plus above



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