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Malta wrecks package

Dive Malta's best wrecks.

Malta is surrounded by stunning wrecks, both scuttled and sunk, from WW2 wrecks, hit during the war, to tug boats and ferries scuttled in order for divers to see new things. With the wrecks ranging from 6m to 40m depth range, there is something for all recreational divers, however we do recommend that divers are a least Advanced open water with deep speciality (or equivalent) in order to make the most of them. 


Malta Wrecks Package
Duration 1 Day, 3 Days or 5 Days
Types of Diving Wreck, Reef, Cave
Dive Sites Um el Faroud, Mosquito, Blenheim Bomber, E-Boat, Hellespont, HMS Maori, Tug 2, Beaufighter, Neptune, Imperial Eagle, MV Pippa, Tug Boat Rozi, P29
Max Depth 40m / 148 ft
Included Boat Fees, staff, tea & coffee.-  equipment requirements should be arranged through a recognised & approved dive centre
Price for the Boat 1 Day Trip3 Day Trip5 Day Trip
Number of Dives 2 6 10
Cost: €350.00 €950.00 €1500.00
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About the Diving

On Malta, we pick you up from a number of different pick up points and then head out to which ever dive site is desired for that particular day. Then we would find a bay to anchor in for the surface interval.

Dive Sites

Faroud, mosquito, Blenheim Bomber, E-Boat, Hellespond, HMS Maori, Tug 2, Beaufighter, Neptune, Imperial Eagle, MV Pippa,, Tug Boat Rozi, P29


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